Who texts first, guy or girl?

I really like this guy and every time we text I'm the 1st one to text him he never text me should I text him now or just forget it?


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  • Realistically you should both just text each other when you feel like it. Playing the waiting game is a little silly. But if he never texts you first I can see how that's a little worrying. It could be that he isn't as interested in you as you are in him. But, he could also just not really be into texting so he never thinks to initiate it with you. Text him and ask him to hangout, that's a better way to get it across that you like him anyway.

    • How should ask him to hangout without being like weird because he have never hung out what should I say in text?

    • If there's a movie you really want to see tell him and ask if he wants to go with. Make sure it isn't something like Twilight or a chick flick though. Just ask casually. If y'all go together and there's chemistry you will probably be flirting the whole time so it'll become more than a friend date if you're good for each other.


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  • In my case the girl would always text first, after texting back "hi", I'd text "please be patient with me, I'm slow at texting". Seriously, I'm only 27 but I'm like an old man with technology, LOL.

  • The guy should always text first.


What Girls Said 2

  • when you are texting someone or if someone is texting you it means there thinking about you or your thinking about them so if I were you I would not tex him for at least a day that way if he does text you you will know he is thinking about you because if your always the one to text him first all the time its just showing your thinking about him but don't text him for a day try it and if he texts you

    u are on his mind.

  • there shouldn't be any fixed one to text 1st .it should vary once in a while.but if you have started texting 4-5 times then maybe you should wait for him to text 1st this time