I'm 16 and my mom won't let me go out with a girl 1 1/2 years older than me?

OK, I need your help. I've finally landed a date with the best girl I've ever met. she's smart, beautiful, sweet, and we have dozens, literally dozens, of things in common, yet my mother doesn't want me to, while her moms OK with it. A reason of this is because my 18 year old sister dated and had sex with, a 15 year old. So now my moms super protective. this girl I'm going with is nothing like my sister, were not gonna do anything, but my mom still refuses to let me go. A little help please?


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  • your mom just wants what is best for you, and since it is a VERY BAD idea to sneak out for the date (it will only lead to your mom not being able to trust you, and trust takes a long time to re-earn.. she will just treat you like a kid and be even more protective of you.. she might think the girl is a bad influence on you and forbid you to see her), one good option is to have the girl meet with your mother. it may seem a bit cheesy, like your mom is interviewing your date, but if you explain to your date why, she will probably understand (you said she is very smart!) hopefully your mom will agree to meeting her (again, explain to your mom that this girl is different) and see that she is no threat. If your mom does not agree to meeting her, or if she is still not sure, have your mom talk with her mom. again, cheesy, but as long you let it go smoothly and don't act like it is the most awkward situation ever (lol), your persistance will show, and your mom will see how mature you are. if you have someone else that could get on your side and knows the girl (a dad, brother, another relative, close friend or neighbor, etc) that would help encourage your mom too. hope I helped and good luck! :)


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  • Ask your mom if you can have an at-home date, where she meets the girl and lets you two have dinner. You're never truly alone, but she shouldn't hang around the whole time.

    I'm sorry, your mom is your mom. If you can't rationally speak to her, then you need to let this one go for a while.

  • So basically your mom thinks this girls is like your sister... you should make them meet if the girl is OK for that.

    The most important is your mom understands that this girl is intelligent and won't jump on you as your mom isn't looking.

    Try to get them both at home and maybe get something for your girl and give her the idea to bring something for your mom. Or give the girl something you know your mom would love.

    Hopefully it will work..

  • dude she won't know just sneak out and go hit up the girl... just tell your mom your going to chill at the mall or something with some dudes and meet her their its not lying you just didn't know the girl would be their... forget the people on hear saying your mom wants what's best they just didn't have fun as a teen trust me just tell her your going to the mall and meet the girl their

  • you mom must not watch what you do to closely or you wouldn't be online posting questions about it so just go and lie and say your some where else...

  • Parenta tend to be a little over protective. However the girls older than you. Your mum might be worried that she hasba hidden agenda. Your mum may be right ( mothers intuition) but let your mum meet her a few times she might loosen up


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