Guys: Has there ever been a guy that has helped your dating life?

Or at least tried?

I had a friend a few years ago that was in relationship with a smoking hot girl which she had many hot girlfriends that she worked with (she was a massage therapist). He introduced me to a few of them (but nothing really came out of it). He also gave me some tips about approaching women and how not to take it serious when you get rejected. We also went out a few times together at some bars and clubs to meet women, and he never tried to cock-block me or anything.

I guess certain guys call them "wingmen" or something.

Have you ever known a guy that tried to help you in your dating/sex life? Either with advice, hooking you up, etc?


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  • Yea def, I've also helped introduce guy friends to girl friends of mine.. When you become close friends with someone over time they feel like family and you want to see your family happy, plus selfishly you want two people you care about to date so you can become even closer friends. I always exchange dating advice with male and female friends, it's helpful to get insight

  • There was never a male or female that helped my dating life.


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