No show for our date...why??

I am sorta seeing this guy and we are 4 hours apart. We agreed to meet halfway today and last night I texted asking if we were still meeting and his reply was It's up to me so I said "k". Today I have no. Heard from him and I am mad. By the way he is the one who suggest us meeting up and now this. I don't get it. Is he not interested.or what

Update he insisted on us meeting up tmrw but I have not heard from him since Monday. We made hese plans on Sunday. Why will he make plans and never confirm and not contact me all week. He typically texts me everyday. I just don't get him guess we won't see each other tmrw either cause I'm not calling him. He is the one that insisted on us getting up tmrw. I'm getting Pissed


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  • Did you go halfway, where you were supposed to meet?

    You said "k" but you didn't say "k, we'll meet at..." by the way... maybe he thought you just said OK for you to decide and didn't get back to him.. So maybe he's wondering the same than you right now...

    Just contact him and you're gonna realize he's probably in the same mindset you are in right now.

    I have to say though that a guy who says "it's up to you" about meeting or not is a little bit cold about meeting's a mixed sign to me.

    • That's how I feel I said k because his reply should have been yes instead of its up to me. I'm not contacting him cause I'm taking it as he's not so interested so I will back off but if he ever decides to text me I will ask him if he does not want me that we need to just part ways

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    • But both parties involved must work together I hate to put myself out there and get rejected. I just believe that if a man wants you he'll pursue u. And a few days ago he said I wasn't acting like I wanted to see him. I don't kno what else to do other than back off

    • If he thinks you don't want to see him then it means you have to show him you do.. iut sounds like he needs to be reassured about this.


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  • He could have forgotten, or not understood "k" for an answer, or an accident. Call him and find out what happened.

    • I figure if he was interested he would have called or texted. He did not forget

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    • But what I don't get is why would he suggest it and when I try to confirm he says its up to me..that left me to think he didn't want to

    • He could have had some girls tell him he's moving too fast before, so he's leaving the speed up to you. It's happened to me before.

  • Find someone to date who lives closer to you.


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  • If he was a no show you should def call him to ask why... he could have been caught up in traffic? or he got the wrong directions to the place? or he was not sure if by K you meant you will get back to him with an answer (he might have the wrong idea that people don't check up on date plans unless they are canceling it). an emergency may have come up. or he might have lost interest from the time he asked you out until today... but that is unlikely.

    • No I never left my town because I never heard anything back from him

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    • Hey so an update. I decided to get off early tmrw to meet up with him but once again I have not heardfrom him since Monday. He usually hits me up everyday and this time I'm not calling to confirm our plans for tmrw. Why does he do this?

    • Sorry I haven't responded in a while.. but maybe your expectations are a different than his. Don't play any games and don't think you should not be the one to call because you are the woman. Why exactly are you frustrated with him? Do you prefer it when he contacts you every day? maybe he is just getting tired of waiting to go on a date with you.. you need to seem as enthusiastic as he does. good luck :)

  • So what happened?

    • Well we never met up.I ended up calling him Friday night and he claims he had to work.and he never heard from and that the phone works both ways. He has been really distant lately and not initiating contact when he normally does. He claims there is no one else and he's not going anywhere and he'sbeen busy with work but Idk. I'm just gonna back off

    • Yesn that sounds fairly wise here.