Stood up or still a possibility?

So this past Saturday night I met a guy. I've never been the kind of girl to go to a guy, but something about (and probably because I was a bit tipsy) I went up to him and we kissed which lead to making out. We exchanged digits. Next day we text each other and I went hang out with him, which lead to us having sex. It was amazing. It didn't feel like a one night stand. He cuddled and had sex couple times through out the night and then ate breakfast in morning together. He texted me after we parted way and said he had a great time with me. Over the past three days we texted and we talked on the phone and then on Wednesday night we said we would go to the movies or do something Friday since Thursday was Thanksgiving and he was with his family. Well Friday is nearly over. I left him two text messages during the afternoon. No text or phone call back from him. I'm wondering I'm being stood up and just completely forget about him, or perhaps maybe something might of happened or there is good reason for him not calling and that I should wait two days before giving up completely? It just bothers me that why would a guy put in any effort and make "fake" plans only to stand a girl (me) up? Which is why I am asking this question. I would love to hear input, since I've never really dated.


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  • How much did he tell you about his life/schedule? maybe he just got busy, BUT If he's the type to hook up from a bar or club, he might be afraid of commitment. He might have scared himself by how much he enjoyed the time with you. You can't force him to reply so leave it alone and if/when he gets back to you, don't make any further plans until you get a valid explanation.

  • Ugh no offense but he got what he wanted from you and now he's moved on to someone else. Sorry but it happens all the time. There are some really great guys out there that won't care if you sleep w them right away and then there are others that once they hit it they quit it. I'm sure he was sweet to you when you were hangin out and havin sex but lots of guys are like that even when they have 0 intention of seeing you again. Unless he's dead or in the hospital there's no reason in the world for him to have not contacted you and responded to your texts even if he couldn't keep the date just to let you know what's up. Forget about him and in the future if you're lookin for random sex and a good time then by all means do what you're doin, but if you're lookin for a good guy and a relationship then no more random hookups. Sometimes even the nice guys will get scared off if you give it up too quick. It really sucks cause it's such a dbl standard but that's just how it works. Good luck