Not interested or playing games?

so I slept with a girl the other night who I've known for while, we know each other through mutual friends and it was just a random event ending up back at my place after bumping into each other on night out. I got her a cab in the morning and we exchanged numbers and spoke on the phone a few times over the next few days. She text a few times and so did i. She seemed interested and said she would be up for meeting again. So I didn't speak to her for a few days and then texted her asking if she wants to meet up tonight. She said yeah and then I said I would call her later. When I tried calling that night she didn't answer so I left it a few hours and then text her if she was still up for meeting tonight. She text back saying yeah she's just out at the moment and she will call me when she gets home. I didn't reply and thought that I would just wait for her to call but she never. I left it that and didn't contact her again and its been 2 days now and still Haven't heard from her. So what's going on then? I know she's fine cause a mutual friend of ours spoke to her and I know she was interested and I know she had a real good time that night cause she even said it was the best sex she's ever had.


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  • Maybe you're not the only one and she's got other guys to keep plans with.

    • so then why don't she just say she can't make it?

    • To keep you around, if that's the case. If she just got busy she should/would have said something after the first time. So I think something else is going on.


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  • You won't find wife material with women you become intimate with without being in a relationship first for a while.

    Maybe it is because I am old-fashioned, but I never understood how people can do this.


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  • Well yeah, it might be that she is playing games with you, but I think it's more likely that she's not interested in you, because maybe she is looking for a more old fashioned relationship and considers you a one night stand or a sort of sex buddy or something. Of course when she said it was the best sex she had ever had, she could have been lying to you. It's always hard to say if someone is lying or not, but her behavior definitely seems to indicate towards her disinterest in you.

    • i reckon you're right. I know she definitely enjoyed the sex but I'm thinking she's not really interested. Probably just get a few random late night drunk calls if she's feeling horny but that's about it.