What can I do for a guy I like who's feeling sick?

The guy I like and just started dating (he likes me too) is sick and I want to do something to cheer him up, what can I do for him? Any Ideas? We've... Show More

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  • you could send him a get well e card, or make him some chicken soup, or ask him if he needs any oj or cold medicine you could get him.

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    • he lives only 7 blocks from me.. I haven't been to his apt yet but I know where it is (he always comes to me).. Would it be cute or weird if I went out and got him checken soup and wrote him a little note and gave it to his doorman to give him?

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    • I dropped it off.. ten min later I got a really happy text saying I can't wait to hug you as soon as I'm better :)

    • oh wow, I'm so happy for you and thanks for ba!