Would you date a crazy person?

I'm feeling kinda low Because well... long story. I am not digging for compliments (okay maybe a little, maybe just a boost). I am honest to a fault it seems and people don't seem to like it...would you date me? Be honest.



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  • It depends if you can be honest without being rude and disrespectful...if you can walk that fine line, id be down to date a girl with your personality.

    Im a bit the same way. In school, the workforce, around (some) family members, out in public...you have to be "politically correct" all the time to make it ANYWHERE in society. It would be awesome to date a girl that I don't have to do that with, while walking that fine line of not being disrespectful or rude. :)

    • tactful honesty. I don't think I am rude or disrespectful. I would be ashamed if I acted as so... but there's always a chance someone might be offended if they are used to being lied to.

    • more people dislike the truth more than they realize, huh? :-P

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  • hehehe... You already know my answer :) ,y you think that you are crazy? I mean judging on the answers you have given on GAG I'll say you are perfectly normal,intelligent and mature enough to be the part of this society...btw didn't saw you on GAG from 2 or 3 days...i was stalking you :)..

    • People judge me by the way I look and never let me speak or even give me a chance to be me... :( SO thanks! I really needed to hear this! More than you'll ever know! Stalking huh? Do you always stalk the people you reject? I need a new stalkee...would it be weird to stalk my stalker? lol

    • lol...no I don't stalk people who I reject but you are the first one and the reason is your words in your answers they are to the point,logical and mature :)...and yea it would be nice if you stalk your stalker..hehehe

  • You sound like zany would describe you better than crazy. And to my way of thinking, zany is great! It sounds like your humor just leaps out at times that surprise other people. Some people don't like that; a lot do, especially once they come to expect that from you.

    Honesty is appreciated. The only time it would not be appreciated is if you were intentionally putting someone down. Knowing it is honest and not just anger would hurt more. But honestly telling someone their faults as you see them can be very helpful to correcting them. But few people can accept that open honesty, so you do have to be careful.

    Bottom line... there are thousands of guys out there who would love dating you. Enjoy!

    • Zany? I like! Someone said eccentric once but recanted because I wasn't old or rich enough. Thanks for your kind (honest) words. From the bottom of my crazy heart!

  • I would totally be into you. I need a healthy dose of crazy in my life, especially when it's coming from a pretty girl like you ;)

  • I like the fun kind of crazy xD

    The depressing kind of crazy on the other hand is a bit intimidating.

    But overall, you're attractive and I highly value the brutal kind of honesty so I would most likely date you ^^

  • I did for a while dident work out she went all lock herself in in her room for days at a time and stay in darkness.

    • haha that's what I'm doing now...no joke.

  • i feel for a crazy wacko, controlling, fickle woman so yes I probably would

    • haha! fickle...sometimes. crazy wacko is subjective. controlling...never.

  • what nationality are you? Chinese?

    Yes you're pretty. I'd date ya based on looks

    • looks? what about my personality? does it suck? All these years I thought my personality was the better of the two. I was seriously wrong I suppose...

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    • Well like I said, I have no idea if I'd date you factoring in your personality because I do not know you. If we were going 100% on looks only then yes, you are a pretty lady. If you're asking if people take personalitty into account yes they do

    • Would you date me if I was pretty but kept continuing with this argument and talked in circles for 3 months?

  • Depends what kinda crazy are we talking about here? Are we talking about mentally crazy or fun crazy? And based on your looks, I might avoid you because you're much better looking than me lol. I normally try to date someone on the same level of attractiveness as me.

  • No I wouldn't date crazy.

    But you're pretty looking.

    • Im not really crazy, I checked. The doctors said I'm not.

    • That's what a crazy person would say.

    • No a crazy person would never check with doctors to see if they are crazy..crazy? I was crazy once. they locked me in a room

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  • honesty is the foundation of a good relationship. trust is extremely important, and if you're an incredibly honest person, then I don't see what's not to like.

  • Hell never! I've seen those movies on Lifetime Movie Network! Wouldnta been/couldnta been me!