Would you date a crazy person?

I'm feeling kinda low Because well... long story. I am not digging for compliments (okay maybe a little, maybe just a boost). I am honest to a fault it seems and people don't seem to like it...would you date me? Be honest.



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  • It depends if you can be honest without being rude and disrespectful...if you can walk that fine line, id be down to date a girl with your personality.

    Im a bit the same way. In school, the workforce, around (some) family members, out in public...you have to be "politically correct" all the time to make it ANYWHERE in society. It would be awesome to date a girl that I don't have to do that with, while walking that fine line of not being disrespectful or rude. :)

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      tactful honesty. I don't think I am rude or disrespectful. I would be ashamed if I acted as so... but there's always a chance someone might be offended if they are used to being lied to.

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      more people dislike the truth more than they realize, huh? :-P