May anyone on here help me finish planning this text message for my guy? ASAP

i been blowing up my ex phone saying I need to talk to him it pisses him off but he said he wanted to know what I needed to talk to him mind goes blank every time he asks me. I don't want a relationship right now I just want all the bad gone and start fresh slate over but how can i? I been texting and calling needing to talk to him but I have bad anxiety attacks and I am paranoid. I don't mean to text and call his phone like I been doing but I been really needing to talk with my ex again we been together for over 3 years now. the reason things are rough now is because we had sex during the 2 visits he came but I Haven't seen him in a good long time nad I think I expressed I miss you in the wrong way. I never gave up on him I stood through everything I mean everything in our rough time can you tell me what is a good message or subject to speak about when you are trying to start over with a clean slate sort of like getting a second chance but trying to start over from what you been doing wrong lately (calling and texting a lot )? please help what will be a great message to fix up and send or to get on the phone to say


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  • texting is not a good idea here.


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  • Okay if he broke upwith you is not a good idea to b texting or calling him that just going to push him away from you and complicate the things a little more cz your showing you need him guys don't really want someone they could have when ever they want they like challenge nd thing that they can't the easy.