Likes me but feels awkward dating me

Hey so me and this girl knew each other 6 years ago, and started off liking each other. However we couldn't see each other then so we talked a lot on the phone and just saw each other whenever we had ACT classes. Kept in touch maybe once a year by meeting up once every summer but kept it at that... Show More

her birthday is coming up this Friday too, and last week we decided to go out to dinner.. but seeing as we kinda aren't talking, I don't think its happening either.

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  • I'm not sure if I am missing something here but...listen I know you feel like she is saying no because of what she said but I am hearing her say she likes you and wants to be around you. I am wondering if the issue is the simple one that happens often. A guys suggests going out or says how he feels and then nothing happens. The woman expected to be asked to an actual real date sooner (one he planned) and for the relationship to progress faster. You suggested it but it doesn't sound like you've planned an actual date and yes for a girl, waiting a few days, a week or two weeks is a long time especiall when she's been waiting 6 years already. When you have asked her to get together has it been last minute or have you tried to plan some days in advance? Every girl wants to think that you think of them when you aren't there, that you'll put time and thought into seeing her and that you would court her like a princess.

    Also, remember you guys have liked each other for a long time. While others have moved closer/made decisions that allowed them to date, you two (meanng you) have used the excuse of distance to keep you apart for 6 years. Now you are still dragging your feet. I'm sure this is not what her fantasies of the last 6 years has looked like. If you had just told her you wanted to be with her years ago, you guys may have worked out a way to make it happen way before now.

    Dude, stop being slow and go scoop your woman up and romance her. Be clear with your intentions, follow through on that date and many more. And no, hanging out is not dating.

    • To answer your question yes I was planning on it for that day, but things progressed a little further than expected so I dropped the question while we were in bed cuddling. I tried to take her out on a proper date and told her that but she has thus refused since that weekend. Her Birthday is coming up this Friday and I still haven't talked to her yet since a few days ago. We were supposed to go out to dinner but thigns changed since then. I'm gona go surprise her after I get off work

    • I think you need to keep surpises to a minimum. I think that it is best to be clear with your intentions & make sure you are planning things ahead of time so she doesn't feel like a last minute thought or that she is always waiting for you to be ready. I am not sure if that is the case but I do think there is a huge breakdown in communication & either she is not interested anymore or she doesn't feel like a priority. Surprises can read as an afterthought or that you don't feel she has other plans.