He drunk texted me but won't text me sober!?

I met this kind about a month ago and he knows I think he's cute because my friend told him. I've made it really obvious that I'm interested in him. Like I would message him on Facebook and I even gave him my number! But still, he won't text me. When we hangout however, I've caught him staring at me. I was going to give up on him until he started drunk texting me from my friends phone on Friday. He told me he was going to take me out to get froyo and added a smiley face. I just don't get it. If he really does like me, why won't he text me from HIS phone, and sober ?


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  • There's a reason they call alcohol liquid courage XD Most people do stuff they would never do sober when they're drunk. He may just be too shy to talk to you normally, but when he's drunk he has the courage enough to talk to you.


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  • 1st are you sure it was him? What if it was his friends that texted you as a prank? Secondly I have heard that guys spills out stuff that they don't dare to say when they are drunk. Because when they are sober, their mind is working well, and their ego clouded their judgement. Why don't you ask him what does that text mean? Let's see his explanation.