Confused by our relationship!

I have been dating this guy I met on a dating site for almost 2 months now, I thought it was going great and we were getting serious, we spend pretty much every free moment together, I have met his friends, I have met his son and his mom, but this weekend while out to a party at his friends place he left his cell phone in the bathroom and while I was in there I noticed that he had gotten a notification from the dating site that we had met on. Should I ask him about this? Is it too early to have the relationship talk? I realize that we haven't talked about being exclusive but I guess I just kind of expected that we were an I really like this guy and the thought of him chatting with other girls while I'm not around really hurts. What should I do?


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  • Those sites always keep sending messages. Don't sweat it. If it really nags at you then just ask about how you met and if he is on that site anymore. Don't say you read a text..Thats a big no no...


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  • Define what type of relationship you have with him. Make it clear.