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Does someone's past count when dating them?

Say you meet someone and they seem great so you date and decide to become boyfriend and girlfriend and fall in love and then a few months down the... Show More

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  • Like the other poster said, it's based on what you found out. If it's something you can live with, don't worry about it. If it's not something you can deal with, maybe you should reconsider the relationship. Consider a few things: Does it affect the person now? Does it affect you, or will it harm you? Are you putting yourself in danger? Etc

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  • people change.

  • Unless they fall under any of these categories, then it's not a deal breaker for me

    1. Murder

    2. Rapist

    3. No longer a virgin

    So far all the guys I have dated have passed all three bars with flying colors.

  • yes it does. A lot of what happens in the past will happen again in the future. Please answer mine I need advice link

What Guys Said 2

  • It just depends on how big or horrible this past maybe, I've been put in a situation like this as well. If you really love the person as much as you say you do, it shouldn't hold you back from being with them.

  • Yes it does

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