Is it OK to date your best friend's ex-girlfriend?

Like we both like each other so much. She broke up with him, but he still likes her and its been months. How should I tell him. Should I ask? Should I just go for it, Keep it secret.. How do I handle this situation?

Ok, I just called him. He said he would have to understand and was OK with it.


Most Helpful Guy

  • If it was only a couple of months ago... That is not a very wise decision... Another thing, how close were they? aka did his family love her? did her family love him? Was he completely ruined over the breakup? Was she?

    She could be also doing it to get back at him...

    I suggest you tread water very lightly my friend... For this is not an easy topic to play with, especially with you supposed "best friend"

    If he was your best friend, this shouldn't even be a question in your mind.. Sure mabe a couple of years down the road.. But I don't suggest jumping on this boat right away.