Texting a confusing guy ... help!

Okay so I met a guy in a club two weeks ago, we were texting for a few days and he added me on Facebook and he then just stopped texting. I waited 5 days and just sent a little text saying something like how was your weekend? and we then text for a couple of days and now he's done the same thing and stopped texting. its exactly the same day as last time. I'm confused as when I text him he texts back and asks lots of questions. I don't what to do for the best, either send him a cheeky text saying how come you stop texting me or just leave him now and if he never texts back then so be it?


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  • Texting is a hard way to conduct a relationship. Face to face is more reliable since you get body language, expression and tone of voice, etc. How often do you want to communicate with him and how intimate did you get at the club? He might not be that into you, but you won't figure it out over text.


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  • -maybe he doesn't check his phone that often, he not obsessed with it like most people

    -hes not that into you

    -hes playing hard to get

    -hes inexperienced and not sure were to go from there

    those are my opinions


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  • From what you wrote above it really sounds like he found somebody else to get involved with.