Is there any way to restrict texting with selected numbers? Parents!

We, as parents, hate the fact that our young 12 year old son is texting all day on his Android phone. Is there a way I can restrict his texting to and from certain numbers?

I guess most of the comments raise the same point "why did we get it in the first place; if we did, deal with it".

I was never in favor but my wife's motherly soft corner convinced me otherwise. However, before we got it, we told him that if we see any texting with friends or any unapproved browsing, we aill take the phone away. Unfortunately, that was an unrealistic expectation.


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  • You can actually parent and talk to him and enforce some rules.

    And try to understand where he's coming from, rather than throwing down the all-mighty fist of justice.

    Remember what it was like to be his age? Try to place yourself in his shoes nowadays.

    • You are absolutely right. That is exactly what I have been trying. But absolutely nothing is working. The point is, there was a pre-condition when we got him the stupid gadget. That it is only for him to be in touh with us for emergencies. And we were clear on "No Texting friends". But it has gone out of control. I just cannot tolerate the type of conversation these kids get into. We NEVER dis that at that age. And it is very hard to swallow,

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    • You are thinking EXACTLY like us. We are trying. But nothing's working. I am at a point of just throwing in the towel. It's just that whenever I check on his mesgs, I lose it again. The problem is, kids these days are technologically so much smarter than us that they will always finds ways out. So if he does not respect our moral rules, nothing will work. I also do not want to be like the Attorney General to him.

    • Are you siting him down and talking it out? Making him open up and, more importantly, opening up to him? Or do you go in there just accusing him and telling him he's wrong for a certain reason? Does he feel like he's on trial? He needs to feel like you respect him before he ever respects you.

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  • That might be a function of your carrier. I've not come across a phone that can do it, but they could be out there. If I remember right, our carrier AT&T does allow us to set usage limits and parental controls on individual phones we have on our plan.

  • i was close to just giving up my phone when I realized it was one more way for family to control me. that's what he might think if it's just for emergancies.

  • Be a parent and take his phone away.

  • Why does a 12 year old have his own phone?

    • Biggest mistake ever ! But pier pressure kills you.

    • He's 12 what say does he have, should have said don't like it too bad, get over it.