How do I talk to a girl romantically who is basically a poster girl for purity?

I totally love that too, but she doesn't date and she is semi-famous... so if she doesn't date then I can't do much but propose marriage to her. o0 I was going to write her a letter and say all the things we have in common and how I believe that God wants us together and that I'm the Prince she's been waiting for... etc... I don't know exactly what to say though or how far to take it... but she is the most amazing girl ever...

Let me clarify... she doesn't date because she is waiting for the guy God has for her to marry...

and she lives 850 miles away., but travels a lot.


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  • If you're meant to be together, you will be. She seems like the kind of girl who has to come to that conclusion by herself. I'm assuming you're friends with her? If you genuinely believe she's your future wife, just make sure you tell her you care for her and that you're just waiting for the day she realizes you're meant to be, however long that may take. Of course, such grand gestures require you to be absolutely certain and willing to accept the relationship at her pace, even if sometimes it seems like there isn't much of a relationship at all. But if things end as you expect, all the wait will be well worth it.

    • She has no idea who I am.

    • Then you certainly don't want to rush things. I once read about a man who saw a woman and was so convinced God meant for them to be together that he said as much during their first meeting. Even though she shared his religious beliefs, she was spooked by such a dramatic confession and he went on to marry another woman. On the one hand, a happy ending in his first situation would have been nice and would certainly make a good book, but then again, he eventually found the woman who was meant for.

    • Essentially, what is meant to happen will happen. Rushing things won't help. Send her a letter just saying that you really enjoy her music and ask her an open question. You don't have to send her a proposal or list the things you have in common. Just a small gesture to put the ball in her court is enough.

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  • You should try to know why she doesn't date. If she doesn't date, she probably won't appreciate the proposal so to speak. Just try to hang out with her if you see her, non-datewise, and let her get to know you.

    • Let me clarify... she doesn't date because she is waiting for the guy God has for her to marry...

      and she lives 850 miles away., but travels a lot.

    • Well, when you see her, just hang out with her, let her get to know you and that way she'll feel if you're "the guy she is waiting for that God wants her to marry"

  • oh god, *pukes*


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  • If she is semi-famous, and you're just a fan... then grow up. You're a fan. You don't know her. You'll never be with her. God doesn't enter into this.

    Celebs and famous people have to deal with this sort of thing a lot. You'd be amazed how many guys can convince themselves that Miley Cyrus was put on this Earth to be their wife, and God said so.

    There is a very good documentary actually, which follows the obsessive delusions of two fans of the 1980's pop star Tiffany, called "I think we're alone now".

    It doesn't exploit the two fans, who are clearly sick and deluded people.

    • Ummm, she is a member of a Christian rock band that retired a month ago.. I am sure she has fans but she doesn't get this stuff all the time...

    • You'd be surprised...