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How Long to Pursue Her

Alright, ladies, I could use your thoughts and suggestions on a situation with a girl I've been on a couple dates with. First, I'll preface all... Show More

Typo above: she's always RESPONDED pretty quickly to me before*

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  • Aww you sound so sweet. I really like the way you're approaching this, just by the way lol.

    She might be confused actually that you didn't kiss her, because sometimes if a girl hasn't dated much, she'll have expectations that she got from a movie or something and that just seems like what should have happened.. if you hang out with her next time, pay careful attention to how she looks at you.. I'm not quite sure how else to describe it other than expectant, and it might be even harder to catch if she really hasn't had much experience.

    This might also just be a fluke, sometimes I call someone and my call just doenst go through to them. I've sat in a room before with someone, and called them, and watched my phone ring, but nothing show up on theirs lol.. not saying that's ALWAYS going to be the case if you don't hear back from someone.. but its a possibility.

    Yea, I think maybe wait a few more days, but if you don't mind, call her again. Maybe text first, just to have a conversation of sorts, hi, how are you doing, something something- to see if she really is ignoring you. and if she isnt, call later and ask her out again.

    • Thanks for your answer! Definitely understand what you're saying. She's definitely tougher to decipher than other girls I've been out with or had relationships with. She's a really traditional girl, a Christian, and from a generally conservative background. All 3 of which I really like about her.

      I wondered about the call maybe not having gone through, too, because she did make a comment on our date about how sometimes one of her girl friend's texts don'e always come through the right way.

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    • Well, lets hope that IS the case! =)

    • Oh, yea 2 days is nothing really. (In my opinion)

      And yes that's a possibility too, if that is the case then kinda let her decide. If she feels like she should, the she might do it herself.

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  • don't give up!

  • Yeah, wait a few more days, and if she didn't call you back yet, give her one more try. If she doesn't answer or phone you, forget about it. Move on.

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  • I think you did a really good job on the dates man. You sound like you've got a clue. Only thing I see that you might have done wrong is by not leaving a message. All you had to say is hey this is Vence, give me a call. If they're interested they'll call you. If not...they will text you.

    Its not good at all that she hasn't responded at least by text after a few days. Whatever you do don't text her. I'd give it 5 days from the time you called...and call again. If still no answer, leave a message for her to call you.

    I'm guessing she NEVER touched you at all during the 2 dates?

    • Hey bro, thanks for the answer. Yeah, I thought about leaving a message, but just decided not to.

      We touched during the second date, yeah. Ice skating was helpful for that. I just held my hand out and she reached out for it and my arm throughout the night. Had to catch her to keep her from falling a few times haha.

      But yeah, I was going to ask her out for this Friday, but at this point I'll just chill and give her a call early next week or something if I don't hear from her before then.

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    • When I called her to ask her on the second date she didn't answer, but called me back. I couldn't answer when she called and gave her a call back.

      That's exactly how I would read most women's actions, but because of her traditional background and lack of dating experience, I feel like she's a little harder to for sure draw that conclusion like I usually would.

    • Yeah...call her Sun or Monday night, and if there's no call or text after you leave a message...you can throw away her number, and move on to pursuing someone who wants to be.

  • never leave a message EVER. she will see a missed call if she wants she'll call you back.

    anyway bro if you're unsure whether or not she's into you, just cut all contact for a week. if she contacts you then that's great, if she doesn't then give her one last chance after that week

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