White guys that date black girls..

Would you prefer the girl wear her natural hair or a weave/extensions?


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  • Wouldn't worry me, love. Whatever she's happy and comfortable with.

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  • Either or. My preference would depend on mood that night I guess. But over all that wouldn't matter as long as I got to see the girl. And normally I prefer natural hair.

  • The hair on her head? Just like all hair you should keep it tidy and washed. ;-)

    But seriously, whatever you're happy with. Most guys are just happy that you sort your hair out yourself and they will say "it's really nice". Why, have you mentioned this to your boyfriend? Is their a white guy that you like?

    • I think some white guys are cute, but I'm just curious. Natural hair is usually something some black guys dislike.

  • Natural hair is my favorite but they tend to be able to rock both styles. But natural hair is unique and hot

    • interesting thanks :)

  • I always preferred natural hair myself.

  • I don't like it when girls try to have all but their natural hair. Sometimes sad when they hide their natural beautiful hair with those other colors etc. Also, I think the more natural the better. I've never met actually "black" girl in my country :P but it still applies.

    • lol cool, thanks for your answer :)

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