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So I'm talking to this girl on an online dating site and things are going well. I'm getting to know her a little and the other way around. So do I just keep asking her questions to get to know her or ask her something else? What? Thanks


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  • Hopefully she has a fairly detailed profile of herself typed out. You can ask her the standard questions like...if you had a million dollars, what would you do? Or, what are some of your pet peeves...what do you like about yourself? Things like that. Normally I try to comment, or ask questions about something in their profile. Either something they said, ask about a unique picture...anything that catches your eye. You're trying to learn about her... to see if she thinks like you, what her sense of humor is (try to show humor). Hopefully she will say things in her email so you can ask followup questions. Pretty much just ask her things that will help you best understand what she's like, how she thinks, so you can determine if you want to meet her or not. Limit your questions to about 2 (3 max)per email.

    When she asks you questions be careful how you answer. Not too long, or too short. You don't need to disclose in full detail your life story, and everything you do, or like. Give her just enough information so its not like your completely avoiding a question, if she asks you something you might not want to answer yet. Don't bore her with a bunch of details. Give enough info to keep her interested, and wanting to know more about you. After you both send 5-6 good emails, ask about meeting somewhere. Be very specific about the date, time place, and activity. Obviously you need to pick something easy, 90 min long (you might hate each other after you meet and need to get away fast!)...and somewhere in public where you guys can talk.


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  • keep asking questions about herself, but also ask what she does on a daily basis and such.

    -love Sosa

  • yes yes yes yes yes yes


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  • Ask to meet up IN PERSON.

    So many girls on these sites love to waste time on the internet and never meet up. You will have 50+ messages with each other and no meet and it will be pointless. If she cannot meet up within a week or two she is not worth your time. If she's "too scared" to meet up she should not have a profile and will be doing the same thing to all the other guys she is talking to while she is talking to you.

    If I do not get a phone number/meet up arrangement within 5 messages I stop messaging the girl.