Why would she text me..?

My ex and I was in a 4 months relationship. We broke up about 4 weeks ago, and for some reason she's texted me last night. 2 word, I'm Sorry. Why would she text me this?


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  • She's regretting whatever happened between you two. She's probably missing you and wants to give it another shot. It takes a lot for someone to say 'sorry' and mean it, so she must really be hurting to send that. If you regret what happened too then maybe you should try again, but if not, then let her down easily.

    • I just have to ask, but only 2 word? would you take that as sincere?

    • I still love her, I mean old feeling doesn't just go away. But this is the second time she said this already. The first time she said it, I gladly forgave her. But she went right back on it, she acted as if I would just hang around anytime for her.. and I just feel like she's just playing me. I really don't know what I should do anymore. Thanks for the taking the time to read this.


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  • she may genuinely be sorry for what has happened and she may also miss you, or could be reaching out to you because she wants a friendship with you still or reconnect...try and asking her the reason!

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  • Erm...because she still likes you and miss you a lot. It must take her a lot of courage to send you that text. But do you want to get back with her?


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