How long should I wait to move on? When/how should I try to contact her again?

I have been dating a girl for about a month. We are both very busy with our careers, but made time to see each other. I went home for Thanksgiving and made an effort to keep in touch. She responded to my last text message when I returned on Monday, but hasn't responded to two other texts over the week (Tuesday and Thursday respectively). I don't want to seem too obsessive, so I have been keeping my distance and keeping the texts to a minimum. It's just a little confusing, we talked everyday up until my return from holiday.

We usually see each other on the weekend or at least talk if we can't see one another. I may be a little paranoid, but has she moved on? When should I try to contact her again? If I keep getting silence, how long should I wait to move on?


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  • Just give her a call instead of texting her. Ask her how she's been, make some smalltalk, randomly ask her if she got your texts and see what she says. Make this your last try. If she doesn't text you/calls/emails you or asks you to meet up, don't waste your time on her. That's what I would do.


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  • Ask her out again.

    It's impossible to forget someone who was away for just less than a week, IF she's into you.

    You'll know it if she agrees and you both have a great time again. :)

  • talk to her.


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  • I had a similar situation. Dated about a month. Use to text her once a day.

    Then she stop returning my texts and stop picking up my calls. I knew that I could not let a women disrespect me like that.

    I told her that I don't tolerate being ignored and I'm leaving. She responded the next day apologizing and said that she felt like I was "smothering" her. Whatever.

    My advice, Lay down the law. Don't let her get away with that sh*t, because once she know she can get away with not texting you back, it will soon be calls, and soon she will make some stupid excuse why she doesn't want to date you.( she will lose interest).

    Best of luck