Girls: who should text first?

so basically who would you want to text first him or her?


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  • Girls appreciate guys to initiate everything. There are two reasons for this.

    1. Guys who initiate seem confident and manly.

    2. Girls are deathly afraid of rejection.

    If you want to get anywhere with a female, you make the first move. Every time. First text, first call, first kiss, everything.

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What Girls Said 22

  • The guy doesn't necessarily HAVE to, but it's expected to. If you don't text the girl first but you like her, it could come off as that you're not interested, which is especially bad if she likes you back.

  • If you wanna text someone, text them! I don't care who initiates a conversation.

  • in most cases him.. even tho we are in modern times.. It's nice to be courted by a guy.. Just don't be a princess about it and initiate about 35% of the time so he knows your into him and appreciate his effort.

  • Either one is fine. but eventually you gotta switch it up. If I'm always the one to initiate conversation then that makes the other person seem uninterested.

  • I think it depends on who is interested first. I mean let's say you are the one who likes her, or are merely interested in her, in this case you should text. If the situation is reversed, then the girl should text first. What I believe is, be true to your heart because once you lose the chance you might not get it back. And I rather do what my heart tells me to, than regret that I never did and keep wondering what if. I msged my boyfriend first because I was curious in asking him about a certain topic. I just keep following my heart and do what I wish freely. The worst that could happen is that he or she says no, and if they do say so, oh well, then I'd move on to another person until I get lucky?

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What Guys Said 3

  • most are gonna say the guy

  • Girls like it if you do everything so they don't. They'll want you to text first