She stole him from me.

What do I do when a friend of mine starts dating the guy that I've liked for a long time? Do I just ignore it, confront her, or what? I'm hurt she did that to me, even though I know I can't date him, I don't wanna feel so upset over it. What can make it better?


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  • You have every right to feel upset and hurt.

    It depends on how close she is to you. If she's just a casual friend, don't tell her anything but don't trust her ever again. Make it a lesson on how to choose your friends. That is if she knew you liked him. If not, then she didn't mean to hurt you.

    If she's a very close friend of yours, you need to confront her IF she knew you liked him. Sit her down and let her know what she did to you. Don't cry or seem vulnerable. Be strong, calm and explain yourself to her. Tell her that you thought losing your friendship wasn't that easy for her. Tell her that it's her loss.

    As for him, if he liked you and knew you liked him then he's a jerk himself. If that's the case, then he isn't worth your tears or sadness. If not, then he didn't mean to hurt you.

    All in all, please feel better soon. Things like this happen in life. Consider it a good lesson to know how to choose your friends and how not to offer your trust to everyone. Your trust and love are valuable things. Only a few deserve them.

    Hope this helps. :)


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  • that's really an embarrassing situation.. but I say you don't fret over it , there are lot of guys out there to date.. don't stick to just one :)

    plus think positively..

    you have better opportunity than her to choose a better guy ^_^

    no need to confront her and ruin your friendship because of a guy , you know

    you'll get lot of better guys but may not better friends


  • You don't do nothing... They got along pretty well and so they're dating. As simple as that. See it in that plain fashion and move on. You can't do much about it. Or if you're vindictive, then try to separate them. But then later on you shouldn't be bothered to take the blame.

  • If you grow up it will make it better. The guy you like has freedom of choice. If he really wanted you then you two would be an item. You own nobody. If your "friend" was pursuing him after she knew you liked him then maybe she is not your friend. If she also liked him but waited and gave you sufficient time to start dating him then fine but if she clearly did not care and went straight for him after she knew then move on and get better friends. Good luck.


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  • Did she know you liked him, and how much? If yes, cut that "friend" out of your life. Did he know you liked him? If you never said anything, you can't blame either of them. Try to grin and bear it, but if it gets to be too painful, take her aside and explain that you need to take a break from the friendship until you can get over him.