What kind of thing should a woman wear on a cinema date?

I got randomly asked out on a cinema date, I have been single for a year and I am not sure what kinda thing to wear? Guys what do you like girls to wear on this type of date? Girls what do your normally wear? Thank you :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Jeans and a fitting t-shirt with converse.

    I normally don't dress up when going on movie dates. We'll just be in the dark for two hours anyway.

    • Oh cool, so casual is better. Thanks I feel less pressure now lol

    • Haha, yeah. Casual outfit - You can't really go wrong there.

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  • wearing clothes would be a good idea XD

    • I needed to make sure, I was thinking about answering the door naked. Haven't dated for a while lol

    • heh, most guys would probably like that

What Girls Said 1

  • I usually wear something casual, but still chic, especially if I'm going in the evening. I would wear some skinny jeans (denim or black), heeled ankle boots and a simple but fitted top