I went on a date last night and I'm confused as to how it went ...

It was a lot of fun , but I'm confused as to whether we had a connection or not . At the end of the date we didn't kiss or hug.. And he didn't say I hope to see you again or anything , but I feel as though he was really nervous . When we talked he didn't always look me in the eyes which I didn't really like but I'm assuming he was really nervous .. we did smile and laugh so what does everyone think ?!?


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  • Sounds like it went fine to me. If he doesn't contact you within a week, I was wrong.


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  • I think that it is normal to not hug or kiss on the first date. Some guys are just too shy and don't want to scare you away. I would say that it is a good sign.

    • Thank you .. I agree but what's the time limit on whether or not he is interested in seeing me again .. Should he contact me soon today or tomorrow ?

    • I think he should contact you soon, but I would wait 3 days. If after this time he didn't contact you, then I guess he is not interested. You can always send him message first.