Alright guys I got a question for you! I went on a date with a guy last night and I'm left confused

He defiantly is attracted to me, and I know he was excited to take me out but during the date he defiantly seemed nervous. He avoided eye contact with me when he was talking but when I talked he did somewhat look at me. We joked alot, defiantly wasn't awkward, at the end of the date we didn't hug or kiss, What does everyone think.. He really like me but nervous, he didn't like me ? I'm so confused.. Did I make it nerve wracking for him ! Help !


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  • If you want to be kissed that much after the date. Steal it from him. You heard me right lol. Do the 100% trip to his lips and then stop. Keep doing what you were doing before you savagely attacked his lips and wait for the reaction.

    A girl tried that on me I was so startled that I just looked at her in the eyes... And went all the way for the second round.

    It looked like this



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  • Sounds like he is just a nice guy who didn't know if he should hug or kiss you and so did neither. Get a second date and make it obvous near the end that you want to be kissed.

    • Well he is the one who needs to plan the second date I'm not contacting him ...

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    • Wait what ?

    • The complaining about him not kissing you and then demanding that he plan the second date without making it known that you want a second date. That's a big bitch move. Only desperate guys ever go for that.

  • Sounds like he likes you. Expect him to contact you soon.

    "Did I make it nerve wracking for him?" First dates are just nerve racking for some guys. There's nothing you could have done to change that. The next date might have a little bit of nervousness involved too but probably not as much.


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  • Yeah it doesn't sound very promising. He avoided eye contact, no physical contact, etc. Not very good signs. Oh and it's definitely not defiantly;)