Guys, How can I help a friend get over someone?

So my brother was kind of a jerk to this girl so she broke up with him. I thought he was fine with it because he usually gets over girls by hooking up or dating other girls. He did all this and even dated a girl for half a year! But every time I go to his house he's checking her profile, if she changes her picture then he changes his, he even posted a fake girlfriend while actually dating someone else. We went to our patents house and he still stalks her on their computer! While they were dating I became friends with her and still am. I think this is creepy for her even though I Haven't told her, but I am really worried about him, he's never done this before.

How can I help him get over her? Should I take him to a therapist?

And is this just because she dumped him?


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  • U can try ask him to take up a new course, pick up new hobby or do something that he always wanted to do but cannot find the time. But if he continues to be obsessed with her for longer period, which seems to be the case here, maybe you can talk to him about it. Bringing him to a therapist is not that a good idea because there is a stigma linking to seeing therapist.


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  • He needs more time to get over her. Eventually his heart will heal this is just his way of dealing with things. Some people take months to get over someone...others take years. Some never do.