First Date Things That I Should Know?

So I'm going on a first date in a few days. I've been talking to this guy for a while now we met through friends, he's really kind and smart. He seems to have very good intentions and is genuinely excited for a date with someone like me, whose also very kind. I've had tons of sexual attraction dates for fun and I do not consider this to be one of them : )

I'm nervous though and I wanted to know, among a girls "assets" what else does a guy sincerely notice? Non physically too. I have not been on a "real" date in about a year. Please give me some real answers. I'm pretty nervous but in a good way. I could just use some advice ;] thanks!


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  • I would notice your sense of humor and kindness. Advice would to just relax and have a good time. Relax and just talk and bounce off each other.

    I've never dated but that's what I would think. haha.


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  • just be yourself ask questions but don't make it about you make eyecontact and let it flow have fun :)