She's mad. How should I respond to this text?

Long story short, this girl I'm talking to is really mad at me over an issue. It had to do with something I wanted to talk to her about, a very personal issue about her life that she told me about. I've already apologized for crossing a line, and sent flowers. I haven't talked to her for the past couple of days. Today, I randomly sent a good morning text, "Good morning. I hope you have a good day." I didn't expect her to respond, but she replied "Thanks?" How should I respond to this text, because I honestly don't really know why she is still so mad at me after a week?


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  • It would help if we knew what it was you did to make her mad.

    • It was something really personal about her life. Even though you don't know who she is, I'm not going to talk about it. I brought it up through a text and she shut down completely. The ONLY reason I care about making this right is because I caused it. I don't care if people think she is emotional. She means something to me and I want to fix it.

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    • So it wasn't to do with sexual/relationship past?

    • I honestly don't know if Relationship past had to do with it or how she was raised. Maybe she was picked on in high school. We haven't talked that far in. She's mentioned a few times that if I knew her problems, I wouldn't like her anymore, but she finally told after no pressure from me. So I know she cares and trusts me.

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  • You don't respond to a "Thanks" text. ...and you don't freaking send flowers to this emotional drama queen ! NEVER never never! You've blown it...completely lost your chance with her dude.

    • I only sent flowers because I hurt her immediately by telling her something. Not to act like it was my fault. I honestly don't give a f*** about "getting with her anymore." It was never about that.

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    • I know. And I'm not trying to say she's in the right by saying this, but she has an ex boyfriend that would call her about a month ago and he would always be drunk, so I think she just automatically assumed I'd be drunk calling at that hour.

    • Again, that's her fault if she assumed that.