Have you dated someone you didn't like 100%?

there is a guy I've been talking too... we went out once... now he wants to go out again he wants to cook for me... there is some chemistry... we do like each other ...sometimes when he stares at me he makes me nervous, when he hugs me I want to squeeze him BUT I don't like the way people treat him nobody respects him ...all his "friends" play jokes on him all the time, he is a short handsome guy and I also don't like the way he walks( moves his head back-and-forth as he's walking)... the thing that really bugs me is that nobody respects him... I thought I would find someone to defend me but with him I have to be the one defending him. I really don't like the way people treat him... but I feel like is his fault he needs to show people there's limits, he never gets mad. he has a good heart, he is very successful, I like the way he thinks, he is good with kids, he likes to pray, he comes from a good family but I don't wanna start a relationship just to find out if I can ignore those things I don't like because what if he falls in love... I don't wanna hurt him... but at the same time I feel like I shouldn't let go of someone with so many good qualities, because its hard to come across guys like him.


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  • No. I have to like them 100%. I can make exceptions on certain aspects but I have to like them and be sure I want a relationship with them before proceeding. Have you ever considered that people give him a hard time because he is handsome and successful? Or they give him a hard time because he's handsome and successful but doesn't have a girlfriend? I do not condone you dating this guy because you're afraid you won't find someone similar. He deserves better than that.

  • Never have and never would. Praying is a good quality? lol


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