He's told me he's attracted to me but won't admit to liking me?

I'm a 20 year old college student and have never been kissed, let alone been in a relationship. I've been on dates, but they have never amounted to much. Long story short I've been texting this guy for 2 years now and we've been good friends until recently when he started sending me messages that I took to be extremely flirtatious. It started out with him drunk texting me and calling me cutie. A couple weeks later he admitted to thinking I was attractive, without any sort of provocation whatsoever on my part. This was followed by several messages over a span of about 2 months of him sending me what I took to be as mixed messages of him seeming to flirt with me and then telling me things like I wasn't his type, or that he found his dream girl, etc. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago when I asked him point blank via text message if he liked me or not. His response was that he was happy with the status quo and that he thought it'd be weird dating a friend, but that he did find me attractive. Now skip forward to today, and he tells me out of no where that he'd like to kiss me just so that I'm not a "kissing virgin" anymore and once again this was without me even mentioning anything about my poor relationship history it was honestly just out of the blue. Okay, I will admit that I have a very strong personality. This in combination with my hectic work out schedule (being a competitive swimmer) did not allow time for dating back in middle/high school and still holds true to this day. I say this because guys I've dated in the past have told me that they were originally scared to talk to me cause I seemed intimidating until we actually spoke. So I could see how this could contribute to a guy admitting to liking me at first, but seeing how he's already told me he thinks I'm attractive, I don't really see this as being the key determining factor as to why I am so confused.

So my question is, does he like me? And if he does, why won't he admit it? Or am I just crazy and taking his messages the wrong way?


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  • Clearly he finds you attractive (a swimmer's body is usually pretty hot...) and he likes flirting with you and the attention you give him, but I think that is probably it. That is probably a downer thing to hear, but if he is willing to be that bold with you, he would take other steps too if he really wanted to. I think you are kind of a girl on a string to him... don't be.

    Good luck in your competitions.


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  • I ll suggest don;t take any positive message because he might want to be a friend but if he is very close to you some feelings might have been generated so he things are not so vivid here. Feelings are there but he wants to keep it limited upto friend zone because I feel he wants to date someone else whom he has been waiting for and had not got that gal yet. So there are some feelings inside him basically not for you but he want to say to his girlfriends and you are his only friends so he calls you and says this and then next day keep everything shady.

    My serious suggestion is don't take anything positive until he commits.

  • be glad you don't have to initiate things


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