My ex and I have been texting on and off since we broke up?

my ex and I have been texting on and off since we broke up I will text her and she will text back but then all of a sudden she will stop for a couple of days until I text her again I love this girl so much and really want her back but the last text I sent was a text about how I was going to just leave her alone cause it was hurting me and her to keep this up if there is nothing going to come out of it but its been like three days and I got text from her asking if I wanted back a gift I had given her sister I wanted some advise should I text back or should I ignore her and if I do ignore her how long should I wait to respond thank you

we have been apart for 2 months and I have tried everything I can to go back but its always different answers first it was just be patient then it was I can't get hurt again like my exs did to me then it was no relationship right now and then again I asked and no answer I'm so confused all I wish is to know if I will ever get her back but she won't answer me


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  • first of will get a lot of different opinions from many people but the most important thing is to GO WITH YOUR GUT. you are given the gut instinct for a reason.

    different things work for different people.

    i will give you my opinion, but again, follow your gut.

    if I were in your position, I would continue not contacting her. kind of seems the two of you haven't really given each other time or space to get over the break up.

    i would keep yourself busy.

    go out with your friends, clean out your car, watch a movie, etc.. just keep as busy as possible so you are not constantly looking at your phone or allowing yourself time to think about your ex.

    being a female, I will tell you I have done what she is doing to you with one of my exes.

    she is trying to see where your feelings are. and I feel like you are kind of doing the same by txting. honestly if you told her you werent going to contact her because it was hurting you (and her) she's not really respecting your wishes of no contact. she needs to be fair to you and allow you to heal and move on.

    if you truly want to move on from this relationship, do not contact.

    if you feel like the two of you should talk and work things out, ask her to meet up with you.

    good luck!


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  • I am no expert but this sounds like cell phn txting tag. You sound like your sure you want her back, just not sure how to get her back. You ddn't mention how long the LTR was or how recent you've been broken up or why the 2 of you broke up so it's hard to give you much advice w/o that info. Perhaps you re-examine why you 2 broke up. Express to her that you want to try it again & tell her what you can work on to better the relationship. Find out if she's willing to give it another shot

  • sounds like she is over it. You need to move on..


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  • Leave her for someone else.

  • There is a right and a wrong way to text back an ex.. be careful with that