Plan date but haven't heard from him...should I assume our date is cancelled?

I'm seeing this guy long distance and we planned on meeting Friday but I haven't heard anything from him. He usually contacts me everyday and I texted him Monday just to say hi but haven't heard anything since. I don't want to text him because he may be trying to back out. What should I do?


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  • Just text him again and ask something like this, "Hey, are we still on for Friday? I texted you before and I haven't heard back from you. " If he doesn't text you by Tuesday or Wednesday, I highly suggest you make other plans. Never wait it out for a man; otherwise, he might do this again. If he contacts you like say Thursday, you can say that you made other plans because you didn't hear from him and leave it at that. If he really wants to go out with you, he will ask you out again, and the next time he won't wait this long to reply back. Hope this helps.

    • Sorry I should have said that he replied back to m texted him Monday but he just didn't mention us meeting and that was the last time we spoke. It's not like him to not text me cause he does everyday


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  • I'd say it's a bad idea to cancel, because then what if he shows up and has just been busy lately? I'd say text and say "We still on for Friday?" That way, if he says yes, you know he was just busy, if he says no, you'll know he's trying to back out.

    • I don't want to come off as too eager by texting and asking if we're still on..

    • You won't. If you haven't heard, you have every right to confirm your plans so you can have time to plan around it.

  • just ask him really casual... by thurday he hasn't anwer then make other plans... don't let him think you will go out of your way for him... You don't want this guy to think he can do as he pleases with you