Why does it take him so long to text me back and not everyone else?

I asked the guy I like to hang out with me and he gave me his number. I texted him once so he would have my number. Then I texted him another time to try to make plans. Both times it took him a couple of hours to respond.

But my friend just texted him about something and he responded within a few minutes. And I am sure he responds when his friends text him.

So I am not sure if this is a good sign or not? I know when he texted me back I waited a while to text him s I wouldn't seem eager but I don't know about him. I mean all the signs are there that he likes me but I am confused about this thing. Does it show he just isn't that interested enough to text me back sooner? Or does it show that he is trying to play it cool? or am I just pathetic?

and as a side note I don't text him all the time, I have those two times so it isn't because he wants me to stop texting him


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  • OMG how do you get this idea of him liking you? Sorry, but I don't think he's interested in you. Does he call you? DOes he text you more than you do? Does he call or text almost everyday? Does he ask you out make plans etc? If not, then he just see you as a friend.


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  • Instead of texting, actually call him if you want to talk to him or make plans, it give him the idea a lot better.


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  • nooo I have the same problem my guy friend takes sometimes like 2 hours to answer one text I think all guys are like that atleas most of them lol

  • Maybe he is trying to look cool and not answer you back quickly...or he just doesn't want to talk to you. Don't text him again unless he texts you first, it could go either way but to be on the safe side you don't wanna look desperate

    • No I don't ever text him

      i don't thik he doesn't want to talk to me because h didn't have to respond to either of my tests (well especially not the first one) but after 9 hours he did, and I think that's says something. but maybe not. I don't lnow