How can I persuade her back into me again?!

We have gone on a date, dinner and a movie (cliche' I know) and we both had a good time, or at least she said she had a good time.

But I asked her if she might want to go on anther date, she said "I'm working on some personal issues and it's just not a good tome for dating for me." So I respected that and backed off a bit.

We still talk/text, but now that the semester is over I won't be seeing her in class every week. I have visited her at work and she is always happy to see me when I do so. Since she says she does not want a second date (yet I guess) how can I get her to want to get back dating again?


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  • There's not much you can do.

    She would pull away even further and see right through any more contact right now.

    Giving her space is what she needs.

    Personal issues and not a good time for dating is a nice way of saying something is going on in her personal life taking up all her mental and physical time, which could be anything, another guy, an ex, family issues etc.

    I would not obsess about this as you barely know her.

    If she is really interested, she will contact you.

    In the meantime, get out and socialize with others and have some fun.

    You will most likely meet somebody else.


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  • I think you should take a few steps back and not text her. Let her deal with her problems and maybe occasionally ask her how she is and hope everything is okay. But if she likes you, she will come back to you. In the mean time keep yourself occupied with other things and give her space

    • and also, you can't persuade a anyone to be into you. The best thing you can do is make yourself a desirable person to be with by focussing on your goals, working hard, and being happy, confident and healthy...women love that ;)

  • you can't if she says she's having personal problems just wait it out and stick by her if she's ready for a relationship hopefully shell tellyou

  • she just isn't interested, you made it clear that you are, the ball is in her court, I think you should just forget about her.

  • Tell her that you want to hear about her personal problems. If you think she likes you.


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  • She's not attracted to you. That's why she said no to the second date. The "personal issues" speech was her way of letting you down gently. There's nothing you can do to change her mind. Cut your losses, delete her number and move on.

    PS - a movie is a HORRIBLE first date idea. The whole point is to get to know the person - you can't do that if you're sitting silently in a theater for two hours looking at a screen.

  • You will feel this way for a while and eventually move on. Good luck on getting a new girl.