My friend says he would never date a black girl?

I find this extremely shocking that my friend wouldn't date a black girl. He knows many black females but prefers whites, Asians, or Hispanic. He loves the fact that black girls have nice bodies, but he "isn't" attracted to black girls. He also identifies with black culture. With that in mind, if he likes their butts, boobs, body, etc... and looks for the same quality in other women...How could he not be attracted to a black girl?

I also go to a school where 90% of the black females on campus are not your typical "ghetto" black girl and completely destroy the stereotypes that people usually give them. So, I'm not looking for an unintelligent answer such as there ghetto or ect... We also have a lot of mix breeds. In addition, most girls on this campus aren't the typical ones that are depicted badly in the media or the ones you see in a run down neighborhood.


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  • Attraction isn't a choice. You can't help what you find hot. But some white guys do love black girls. Just not all. That's defenitley a bonus there not ghetto.


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  • at the end of the day he can like whoever he wants


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  • He's brainwashed by this very white world like most people who think it's happenstance that the "standard of beauty" is tilit in favor of people who are white.