I'm a very busy person but is there a way I can meet guys without resorting to an online dating site?

Because I have done online dating sites before but I never had the intention of finding a guy to date online, I was just checking it out. The guys in my neighborhood are not my cup of tea. And I met this guy online and he was nice and my type but it just feels so weird you know? I mean what do you tell your parents if they asked how you met? lol so that is why I prefer not to do that.


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  • Well, since you're so busy, the ONLY way to meet the love of your life is by bumping into him on the way out of the coffee shop... or a car crash.

    • I don't have a car, I'm working on it though.

What Girls Said 1

  • I personally have no problem with online dating - it's convenient, provides filters for personal preferences, and lets you get in touch with people you would never gotten in touch with otherwise. If you have issues sharing with your parents how you met this said individual you can always say you met through a 'mutual friend' - aka dating site. Yes it is a white lie, but if things ever get serious with the guy you can always tell people at a later time. No need to really announce to your parents how you met a guy for every first date.

    Just be careful with whom you share personal information on dating sites - be smart and cautious!