Is this why he stopped texting?

About a week or two ago, I met this guy and we exchanged numbers. He would text me pretty much everyday and included Good Morning & Good Night texts. We didn't exactly talk on the phone because I've been really busy with school. On Friday, he texted me & asked me out. I gently turned him down because I'm very busy with school. Papers and assignments are due, finals are coming up, etc and I care about school. I suggested we postpone for a bit till everything is done (or at least almost done) but, I haven't heard from him since. Could it be that he felt bad because I turned him down and that's why he hasn't texted me at all?


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  • Yes, this was the reason, probably along with the fact that he should also get to his school work.

    He likely felt bad, as most people do when turned down, but I'm sure he'd be happy to continue conversation if you showed interest still afterwards.

    • He's not in school right now though. He just works.

    • Forget that part then.

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  • Probably feels that you were not serious


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  • Yes, I think you are right, guys can be very sensitive to being turned down. So you hit the nail on the head.