Why did he stop caring before I did?

We would text constantly then it all slowed down

I kept getting mad at him for not texting me, he would apologize

now he won't text me at all...

When we were alone it was awk and we only shared a few good moments together

but how is it that he's able to let go of me before I can let go of him? I never even truly liked him but I feel myself missing him and I can't do anything about it because I texted him twice after a week of not talking and he never replied, which is really unlike him...


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  • The fact that you are getting mad at him is probably the reason why he is not interested in talking with you anymore. Don't take people for granted, don't get mad just because the texting has slowed down. Things change when time passes, some people find that they might not no longer want to be around a person or decide to stop talking to them. If he does not want to text you, that's him, there is no reason to be mad at him. Maybe you should have seen if something is probably going on in his family that is not good, he is probably having a hard time and the least he wants right now is someone who is mad at him. The reason why you miss him is because you guys used to have habitual conversations and you were used to it but now its taken away. Don't waste people's time, don't take someone's simple company for granted and don't find every little reason to get mad over something. Life is short, people need to quit wasting time by causing anger and making people feel bad. Remember, people change. He probably liked you but he felt like you friend zoned him or maybe you tried to play hard to get? and he felt like he never has a chance with you or maybe you're just a mean person. If you're a mean person, it is never too late to change that. It is a lesson learned and maybe next time you talk to someone, you will not have expectations to text you back and you wil consider stepping into his/her shoes.


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What Guys Said 2

  • ..and that's what happens when people overdo the texting, it gets boring and routine!

    Honestly, it seems he didn't care that much to start with, or at least less than you did.

  • From the point where you said all he wanted was to be in his room, it's clear he's the jerk.


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  • He's the jerk, and good for you for cutting off. this reminds me of a similar thing I had with a guy, only wanted sex but not anything else I had to offer? yeah, I don't think so.

    -love Sosa