Do you think his reply was wrong?

So my boyfriend and I were texting and I texted him and ask '' Babe, Do you plan on being together forever? Well his my boyfriend people I would think he would say yes babe, what made you say that but his reply was " We going along with things and see how far we go! Now what's he trying to say cause we been together going on 3years and I don't like his answer, need advice ?. What is he really trying to say! !


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  • You freaked him out, so he replied spontaneously with the first thing that came to his mind. :)

    He thought you were talking about marriage and kids. Believe it or not, guys do freak out when they feel trapped even if he loves you very much. Your message seemed - to him - like a tricky question which made him freak out.

    I guess he was trying to 1) be honest with you. He truly is enjoying your company. He loves you, but he isn't thinking about the future the way you do. He doesn't have the word "forever" in his dictionary, EVEN if he is planning on being forever with you. Guys don't like to be put in a corner. They feel pressured and manipulated. Again, this doesn't mean he isn't planning on staying with you forever. Guys don't voice their feelings the way we do, is all.

    2) He was trying to get your hopes down a bit. It's like "Wow, please don't say that. We are having fun together. Why should we be talking marriage and stuff?" He was trying to find a way out. He wasn't trying to hurt you by any means.

    He was trying to say that he loves you, cares for you, enjoys every single day with you (which proves being 3 years together), but isn't ready to talk marriage. He just freaked out in the moment and didn't know what to say. Hence, he replied with whatever came to his mind at the moment. He didn't mean to hurt you.

    Hope this helps. :)

    • & Yes it did help thanks!


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  • He's trying to say "That was weird as f***, I'm gonna go now... cya later"

  • Wacka poo scooby doo was never wrong

  • He is trying to leave an opening for when he sneaks out of this relationship that he is not so find of apparently.


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  • Stop being so f***ing neurotic. He is saying exactly that we are going along with things and see how far we go. He is being realistic. He sounds much like me in that he doesn't say stupid childish things like lets be together forever. He clearly loves you and is happy in the relationship and wants to see how things progress in the future.. not make definite ridiculous answers like yeah babe I wanna be together forever that almost never mean anything in the end. Chill out and enjoy the fact that you have a loyal loving boyfriend for over 3 years.

  • well after three years together I don't think that was an random or out of nowhere question at all and yeah his answer is kinda casual for such a long relationship I can see why you were bothered by it. Sounds like he's in no hurry to commit to you...are you ready to commit to him or commit in general?

    • yea kind of but I dnt want to rush things then it will really be a problem .I rather let it just flow for while and see how things play out.