Would you date a black person?

My buddy wanted me to ask this, so here it is. pretty simple question.

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  • Yes I would just like any other race Vote A
  • No, I don't date black people Vote B

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  • To be completely honest - upon first glance, I'm not typically attracted to black guys, and most of the ones I've known weren't very good guys. But if I met a guy who I liked and got along well with who happened to be black, I'd surely try dating him.

What Girls Said 10

  • Don't see why not. Just as I think some white guys are cute and hot, I think some black guys are cute and hot. Don't see why I shouldn't date them.

  • Yes, I would, I have.

  • Yes. A.

  • Yes, I have...one of my first and biggest crushes was a black guy. Major hottie!

  • Yes. I already have.:)

  • I'm part blackSo yes...I tend to prefer darker skinned black guys over lighter skinned ones...but it doesn't bother me

  • I would if I was attracted to himBut at the same time I've never met a black man that I was attracted to

  • yes I would.

  • I'm black, yes I would date my own race.

  • well, since I'm black, and know how awesome I am, yes.

What Guys Said 12

  • Yes, of course. Black girls are fine

  • I would for sure. The problem for me though has never been 'would I date a black girl' It has always been a matter of 'would they date me'

  • WouldHaveWould again. The joke is that they're all pink on the inside, but as offensive as it is, it's the truth. What a girl does and who she is inside is way more important than how much melanin she has in her dermal cells.

  • I would, and have. I'm Black, though.

  • Yes

  • I wouldn't reject someone by race but I have noticed I don't see much black girls I am sexually attracted to (not that physical is all that matters its just part of it)

  • Yea I probably would.

  • perhaps ^^

  • Yep

  • Yep. There's some hot black girls. If she's attractive to me and has a personality that I like I wouldn't think twice about it.

  • Yeah.Your buddy realizes that most girls like black guys, right?

  • If they were attractive then yeah