Does the type of person that you are physically attracted to look similar to the type you actually date?

I've noticed that the people I tend to be attracted to physically look NOTHING alike the people that I usually end up dating. I am physically attracted to medium height dense muscled people of very mixed backgrounds (I love when you can't pinpoint exactly what race someone is) but I always end up dating skinny, tall white guys!

Does anybody else notice a correlation with the appearance of people that they date and people that they are physically attracted to? Are yours inversely related, do they actually line up, or do none of the people that you date look anything alike?

How so?

  • Both look similar (eg. I like the physical appearance of black hair & I tend to date people with black hair)
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  • They look nothing alike (eg. I like black hair physically but I always end up with blondes)
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  • There is no correlation
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  • Other (explain)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Hmmm I didn't used to, I used to be annoyed with the personalities of most men I found physically attractive...and then I started choosing only from a pool of attractive guys and looking for a compatible personality among guys I'm more attracted to. I serial dated/flirted after my last ex (no sex) until it just 'clicked' with my now boyfriend.

    Now, scientifically speaking, yes, LOOKS do play a part in the matter. What many people don't that DNA sends signals via appearance. A man with more testosterone, for example, is going to have it in his personality AND his features. Testosterone will be made visible in features like stronger and sharper jawlines, hair etc. Generally, someone with high testosterone, and more prone to 'taking the lead' will be attracted to someone with...a 'softer' more flexible personality, which will also reflect in their appearance. Visible injury and 'youthful' appearance sends positive signals that says the genetic line is more prone to living longer and pvercoming illness. Evolution also takes preference to symmetry. (; There are MANY mixes and matches that make up successful relationships, so don't use it so much as a reminder that your biological tendencies are already hard at work FOR you being naturally attracted to a 'mate' that you'll likely get along with well. Think of it as...starter criteria...and a good reason to stick by the old phrase "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." And as a reminder: It only reflects science, it can't tell you anything about life experience and emotional have to do that work yourself. ^__^


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What Guys Said 3

  • i typically find myself attracted to curvy girls with dark hair. up until my most recent girlfriend I always found myself dating that standard kind of girl. Now I'm dating a curvy blonde... but I'm in the group of generally dates the type of girl I am generally physically attracted to

  • I'm attracted to every type there is except zionists and fat chicks, so there's no conflict there. Some fo the types wouldn't date me, but hey, that's their loss!

  • You're not attracted to the guys you date or is this about a preference thing?

    • It's more of a personality thing. For some reason I find tall, lanky white guys to be charming (I have no idea why this is) and I tend to have a lot in common with them. I can never actually hold a conversation with people that I find to be "sexy" (maybe I can't hold a conversation because I find them attractive? I am not sure if that's the case)

    • Oh that sucks for them.

      Then no. I tend to go for the ones I'm into physically first. I'll find out the personality thing later. I typically go for cutesy type of girls.

What Girls Said 2

  • I only date people people I'm attracted to. I like a guy who is tall, has a great body, and dark hair. I'm not going to date a guy who is short, skinny, and blond. I'm just not into it and I would never even consider dating a guy who is not my type.

  • I pretty much only end up dating people that I'm physically attracted too, I mean, if I wasn't physically attracted to someone, how could I expect to be in a physical relationship?