Where can I meet nice guys?

Alright so I know women say this all the time and date jerks. Not this one lol. I've dated two jerks and will never do it again. I'm a nice girl, and have enough self respect to not just sleep with some guy. I'm still a virgin (20) and both those guys just wanted one thing from me and broke it off when I wouldn't. So I honestly want a guy who is on the same level with me of nice and caring :)


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  • On a random note, I read something that made sense. Men and women are both looking for different things from each other, and they each want the other person to show their cards, or make a deposit, or whatever you want to call it, first. Women, who can get sex with men easily via hookups, are looking mainly for emotional attachment, for some form of commitment, etc. Men, who can get emotional attachment with women easily via being friend zoned, are looking mainly for sex. And each realize how bad it is to invest first and have your neck on the line, so each tries to get what they want first.

    Oh, and back to your question. Where can you meet nice guys? Honestly? There's no specific place. Though some places more than others. Church, for instance, is known as a holy place to meet moral men and women. I used to think so too. Then I actually met the people in my church (suburb and city churches, not Little House on the Prairie or Amish) and found out that plenty of guys AND girls in church love hooking up and such, just like anywhere else. So, there's no place. That, and as more and more guys wake up and realize that women claim they want nice guys but date jerks... more and more "nice guys" will become more and more like the jerks who don't really care for women.

    • That's the thing with me is I want a relationship and I can be the best girlfriend if these guys would give me the chance. They spoil it when they put a ton of pressure on me to give them what they want. Its sad that they are disappearing, because I don't think I can handle dating jerks forever lol.


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  • I guarentee there is one right under your nose.

    • I've been thinking and thinking and none that I know of haha! I mean maybe one but he's a friend of my ex who approached me after his friend broke it off for his reasons. So maybe! Its not like I'm on of those girls who rejects guys in general I'll give anyone a chance unless I already know they're a jerk!

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    • I've heard nice guys won't be the one that approach you? Any tips on how to tell if they like me? It can be hard to tell just being nice to you or really like you!

    • The same way guys are supposed to tell if a girl likes them.

  • I'm a nice guy. Meet me lol

    No, seriously though, message me. At the very least because I'm curious now as to who the person behind this post is.

    • haha oh man now there is too much build up! The world will never know! :P

    • Well you definitely aren't going to find a nice guy by being a tease :P

  • www. Niceguys .com /nota**holes

  • Go to church, volunteer groups, book clubs, sporting events, etc.

    • Good idea :) church is a no go though since I'm not religious but I like the other ideas!

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