What is/are the thing(s) you do during the day that make you feel good or rewarded (GIVE ME IDEAS)?

i think that everyone has a thing or activity that he/she does during the day that releases the happy or feel-good hormones in the brain. you know after a stressful day from work or school, you feel the need to do something that makes feel happy or satisfied.

so what's yours?

personally I check out girls from dating sites or FB, but as you know you have to get a premium to chat with girls from dating sites (at least the one I'm using), also I don't like to add every girl I check out on FB.

So all in all I hate that I'm doing this, and I want to stop it however I NEED AN ALTERNATIVE.

what do you suggest?


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  • I like to go to the gym and have a hard workout. I may be exhausted afterward but it makes me feel good about myself or getting a lot of work done for my classes makes me feel good about myself.


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  • Play video games while eating candy while talking on the phone with my bff while listening to my iPod while singing and dancing. Pffft. it actually works. honest. :P

  • smoke and watch southpark, It does it for me.

  • Certain friends that are funny, I love seeing them and laughing with them.


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