I think my friend Mike hates me!

I have this one friend named Mike whom I just recently began to hangout with more. Mike does not live close enough were I can see him once a week but we chill now and then. I began to think Mike hates me in secret because he never responds to my texts almost unless I am asking him to hangout he will respond. When he will only talk to me even though our other friends are there to. What makes me think he hates me is that he responds to his other friends text messages that I don't hangout with and he never invites me around them. My friend Sara who lives closer to Mike then I do told me most of his other friends our pot smoking a**holes who hang around girls with bad reputations who will pick on me cause of my medical condition. So does Mike hate me in secret? Cause he never wants to hangout with me alone, but when we hangout in a group of friends he is the first to start talking to me and forgets everyone else around us. He also stares at me when I am not looking at him. So just because he never texts me back unless its a hangout text message does that mean he hates me or is it just me over thinking?


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  • Lol. Are you serious? How do you get the word "hates", from not responding to some texts. Women blow my mind. You ladies are like giant balls of insecure nervous energy. To answer you question: no, I do not think that the guy hates you. I think that he's probably stoned a good portion of the time and no one likes texting high. But "hatred"? Where do you get that, if I don't like a girl I pretty much just completely act as if she doesn't exist. I wouldn't be talking to her exclusively when we're in a group. Relax, you are over thinking this.


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  • Yes he hates you:P