Does this make me ugly or not? Please answer!

So at this moment I'm offically dating one of the hottest guys in school. He's the deffinition of perfect<3. Before he dated me he dated an UGLY A** girl who he was extremely into. Liam (my boyfriend, but not his real name) has dated 17 girls before me. I've met 3 of them. One is tomboy-ish but pretty, one is GORGEOUS, and the other is butt ugly.

My problem is that I don't know how to interpret why he asked me out again (this is our second time dating) when he told me I was his second choice after the ugly chick. Every guy has called me cute or occasionally gorgeous (when I wear makeup). I mean, I have like 13 guys up my butt right now trying to get with me. I can't walk down the hall or street without some guy trying to talk to me or sayin 'damn she cute' to their friends. Or if I'm at the store or meeting my dads friend etc there's ALWAYS someone telling my dad or me that I'm extremely pretty. I just don't want people looking at us together and going 'Hes so hot! Why is he with her?' I just won't feel pretty enough and I guess it's because I didn't start getting pretty or skinny until summer of high school. What do you think?

I understand I just sound like ridiculous snob :/ I'm sorry. I'm really not like that. I just don't want him to be ashamed of me.
We broke up so it's okay now. He's such an ass.


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  • I knew you werent ugly after reading the first sentence. Do you think the hottest guy in the school would date an ugly girl? Unless you're super nasty in bed and doing ratchet sh*t like giving him money you're not one of the ugly girls. guys with options rarely if ever date uggos. Also ugly girls don't get every guy saying how beautiful she is

    You have to be very very pretty and beautiful. Make sure the way you feel about yourself matches up to the way you look on the outside. you are beautiful and really don't need the validation of others because when you start letting other people make you feel good about yourself, all it takes is one negative comment for you to plummet

    You're used to being in your awkward stage so your not used to the compliments yet. you still feel like you werent pretty but you are.

    Dont compare yourself to other girls. there's always gonna be a pretty girl. who cares? that doesn't take away from your pretty. You need to stop letting this guy play you. How you gonna let a guy say "oh you're my second choice"? that's pretty disrespectful and players like to say things like that to gain the upper hand and make the girl feel insecure (like what's happening here). obviously you're the sh*t, you just need to recognize it


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  • Um, no. It makes you kinda silly because you're valuing yourself strictly based on someone else's criteria. So what he dated a "butt ugly girl" lol, how do you even conclude that makes you ugly?

    You are beautiful on your own, your attractiveness is not based on the ugliness of the girls the guy you are with dated before you.

    • Thank you. I was being ridiculous. That was a good reality check.

  • you're kinda cocky. Too much actually.

    by what you wrote, you really seem like a kid who cares about looks only and what other people think. You should just care about if you love him or not, and if he loves you (I could bet he doesn't). But actually it seems to me that it doesn't really bother you.

    So my advice is: grow up

    • I'm not cocky xD I'm the complete opposite. Its him. He doesn't want to be seen with me in public unless it I meet his criteria. I'm sorry I made it sound bad :( I just met him so of course he doesn't love me. I love him though.

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    • He may not like sluts, but if he was a girl, he would be one. We have a name for those guys in my country :D Seriously though, you should dump him. 17 girls? I don't even wanna reach half of that.

    • I dumped him before and it hurt him so badly, he seriously went pale and was about to cry. It hurt me even worse, that's why I've dedicated the past month to getting him back. He's almost 18 & its because he can never hold down a relationship. Him & I the first time lasted 2 weeks. Horrible.

  • Men go after ugly women because most women are monsters. Men favor women who are friendly and pretty but will pick an ugly girl over a bitch any given day of the week.

  • Why don't you just date the 13 guys you supposedly have bugging you to date you? What's wrong with them? Do you only want to date super hot guys?

    • No, they just aren't my type. The ones I do like, my friends don't like because they're 'man-whores', etc. I dunno. I think I'm just going to be single xD

    • So you like man-whores? Why? Do decent guys repulse you?

  • I think he's going to date you till you put out, and then dump you. He has dated 17 girls prior to you. Your ass may be hot, but it isn't that hot when compared to 17 other girls. He'll be on to a new shortly after he's done with you. If you don't want to be used, you'll stop dating him and go after one of your male friends who actually would make a good boyfriend, not a major player that is racking up girls left and right.


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  • Um why would the "hottest" guy in school date an ugly chic? Also why the hell would you wanna date a guy who tells you to your face that you were his 2nd choice? Oh right cause he's the "hottest" guy in school and you're superficial as hell. He's the definition of perfect? Lol gimme a break.