Should I give her a surprise kiss?

This girl has been a friend for 4 months now and now I like her...its really confusing is she like me or not because she liked when I kissed her neck one time...but now I was thinking about giving her an unexpected kiss on her lips...i really really like her and I think I want to take it to the next level...I think its worth it worth doing? if so what is a good suggestion?


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  • well I'd say if you're ready, then go for it! I'm pretty sure that she likes you back. and if she doesn't, trust me, she will feel special and she will appreciate that you showed her how you actually feel. but don't just randomly jump out and kiss her. take your time, look her in the eyes, maybe stroke her arm and then slowly lean forwards and kiss her. good luck! :)


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  • You will sketch her out bad if you surprise kiss her. You need to set it up by standing in front of her maintaining eye contact then maybe look into her lips once to signal her.