How often is a girlfriend supposed call/text per day?

Ok so my brothers girlfriend blows up his phone and sends constant texts and texts back if you don't respond within like 2 minutes. She even did that to me one time. The volume for my text ring tone wasn't turned up and she asked me a question and I didn't hear it so I check my phone like 30 minutes later and she had sent me like 3 texts after asking how long does it take for me to text back and then sends another one saying hello? within a minute. So I'm thinking jeeze I just didn't hear the phone no need to freak out and text me 50 times. how often do girlfriend and boyfriend typically text/call each other?


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  • there isn't a rule book that you need too text or call your girlfriend so many times day. I only my text my girlfriend when needed, not just for the sake of it. your girlfriend sounds is too controlling and possessive to me. I only text back if I feel its worth replying too. otherwise if she keeps texting me I tell her there is no need too keep texting me rubbish.

    I would suggest you tell her, either get it too together and let me have a life of my own and trust me or the relationship ends here. without trust there is no basis for a relationship. trust is more than love, love on it's own won't make a relationship work.


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  • She sounds very obsessed and possesive. Her being like this is enough to pull anyone away. It makes her seem like she needs to be in control at all times, or else she will lose her mind.

    There really is no amount of times a girlfriend should text her boyfriend per day.

    But to constantly check in on someone, and not give them enough time/room to answer (before blowing up their phone), says a lot about that person.

    • I agree with you she seems very obsessed. She can't expect them to answer her right away especially if they are busy. It's not like she has to text them every couple of minutes for not answering her.

  • That is actually really common nowadays especially for younger people to text constantly. She may be needy or she may just not have any other friends. Have your brother talk to her about meeting other people.


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  • That's waaaaay too needy. You brother better watch out. That need for constant attention goes further than just text messages.