Never kissed anyone before?

im turning 17 in less than 2 months and I've never kissed anyone. I feel pathetic. the couple of guys I've ever gotten close with I shy away from because I feel like a nerd. I don't know if its because guys don't like me or if I'm not pretty enough or what. I've been asked for my number by guys I don't know, and guys have asked me to hang out from my school but nothing ever happens. what's the deal?


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  • Don't feel pathetic :( as others pointed out if guys are asking you out or want you number then your looks are not the issue. Maybe you are putting out a vibe that scares guys off a little? Guys also get nervous and if they think they will get rejected tend to back off. So I don't know maybe that is why nothing has never happened. All I can say is don't rush it. Last year I was going through the same thing and in a stupid moment I let a guy take my first kiss (and a little more...) just because it felt nice to be wanted (that and I was a little drunk...) anyways he turned out be a jerk and now I have a not so happy first kiss story to share lol. So be patient :) it will happen and hopefully it will be worth the wait.


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  • I was 18 or maybe 19 before I ever kissed/made out a girl (and round the bases). Don't worry about it. High school is pretty childish, so don't worry about it. When you go to college (and you are going to college) you'll meet an assortment of better class of guys (that doesn't mean they're all good).

  • no big deal. keep your standards in tact, don't let your guard down if you drink... make it a good one.

    I'm still waiting... college is great, you meet tons of new people, but that first kiss is something I personally want to be as perfect as possible... so I'm still waiting, but I'm not worrying..


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  • You're obviously attractive if they're asking for your number, but I'm thinking you're just not ready. It's totally okay and normal. One of my best friends is 19 and has never kissed a guy. Some people are just ready sooner, some later. When you are, you'll know and you won't back away.

  • don't worry about it too much

    i felt the same way you did

    guys are asking for your number

    so you must be attractive

    the right time will come trust me

    n& when it does

    just go for it :]

    there are plently of people who haven't kissed anyone by X y/o

    [i was one of em] lol

  • If you've been asked for your phone number and guys from your school ask you to chill then you are not ugly. If you were ugly you would get ignored and probably called ugly to your face. Soo that's not the problem.

    The issue is probably your awkwardness. you said you feel like a nerd. Guys like girls who are confident and feel like a diva! Just be more sure of yourself and at ease and it'll come.